Aaron "Dbla" Jones

Rick "The Prick" LSD

Dave "Gimp" Bell

Joseph "JoJo" Rush

Dave "LunchBox" Ussery

About The Losers

About The Losers

Nothing but Losers was formed at the beginning of the year 2000. By Jojo and David. After searching for a Guitarist, they found Rick, whoms music ability out matched his age. They then began writing songs and auditioning Drummers. The line up has changed over the years, but currently with Aaron on Drums / Dave on bass / and Mr. Ussery on Percussions, N.B.L is stronger than ever. Nothing but Losers is a Metal/Punk band fitting well on any type of metal and punk rock shows. With no need to fit in any type of genre , Nothing but Losers play what they want and where they want.